Entrepreneur & Full Stack Engineer

Even darkness must pass. A new day will come. And when the sun shines it will shine out the clearer.

Skills I Got

I'm keen to learn new things. I might be THE web developer who has the best knowledge on network/security, while THE system developer who has the best knowledge on web technologies.


I started a company called Tu Ke Quan, or traveller's circle (http://tukeq.com) in March 2011. I failed but I learned a lot.


With in-depth knowledge from CPU Architecture to web development, and programming skills from C to node.js, I can bring ideas into reality.


I had led different teams to solve complicated problems. I developed people for the mutual goals, in either mature corporate, or startup.

More about me

The following content is pretty trivial. You may just want to look at my resume in linkedin. If you are curious about what I've done in the past year, here's a summary. If you still want to know more about me, read on.

High mover

I'm a high mover. During the past 30 years, I lived in 5 different provinces in China, as in the map below:

I was born in Xinhe, Xinjiang, almost the farthest western point of China.

6 years later my family moved to Jiuquan (known for its cosmodrome), Gansu, still northwestern part of China, but not that far away. Gansu is a place that the family lived in for centuries.

Another 6 years passed, after Deng's inspection tour to south China, my father got an opportunity in Guangdong, the most developed part of China at that time, and of course, I parted with my pals in tears and moved to Xinhui, Guangdong, which is known as overseas Chinese hometown.

Then around 5 years later I graduated from high school. I went to Northeastern University of China, which is, as its name, in the far north of China.

Again 4 years passed. Beijing became my next destination. I didn't plan to stay long in this big, crowded city, however, this year is my 10th year in Beijing. 10 years! How many decades do you have in your life? Every time, when I looked at the big, clear eyes of my lovely baby girl, I always asked myself: is it the time to make the next move, just as what my father did for his children?


I'm a hacker and a self motivator. Period.

I like to build tools to make the life much easier

I keep curiosity on technologies


I am a founder.

I founded tukeq.com.

But that's not all. For every company I worked with, I held a founder's mind and attitude. Not only did I make the jobs done well, I also tried to make the team better and the life easier. I desired to make and create.

How can an insignificant engineer make any visible changes? You may wonder.

Here's a real story. In SLT of Juniper, we have an awesome embedded operating system called ScreenOS. It is not well documented internally, only the gurus of the ScreenOS team knows the detail of the code. In 2006, after joining Juniper for over 1 year, I got the chance to take a training in sunnyvale. I tried my best to learn from the gurus, to keep every piece of notes in the day, and to summarize what I learned during the night. 2 or 3 month later, I wrote two documents, over 100 pages in total, describing almost every important scenarios and underlying ideas of the code. They greatly reduce the learning curve for not only the new hires but also the not-so-guru engineers. The VP of core security at the time, Paul Gacek praised me for "make it easy" in one of all-hands meetings.

So you see, there're many, many moments that everyone can "found" something. Founder is not about owning a compnay, it's about an attitude to change and to create.


I have a great father. He did his best to move the family to Guangdong, which led to better life and education for me.

Influenced by him, I made up my mind to give my child(ren) a well educated life, when my daught, Lingxi, was born.

My wife and I hold a strong position that education from the parents is much more important than from schools in early ages.

So as a father I kept studying on how to be a friend of the child, how to shape their values and habits, etc. I'm trying to and will be a good father, I promise.

Lingxi, 69th day